Wireless Adapter Power Settings Reverting

I've got a strange problem. Whenever I restart my computer, the Power Management settings on my wireless adapter keep reverting back to the defaults. This is a problem because the option "Allow this device to wake the computer" is enabled by default for this wireless adapter. Not only is this impossible for a wireless adapter, it causes it completely stop working when the computer sleeps or hibernates until I disable/enable the adapter. Right now I have two batch files to handle the situation, but I would rather have this fixed. I tried searching google and these forums but I can't find anything. Anyone have any similar experience with these power settings?

I've tried deleting the drivers and reinstalling them. Acer does not provide any drivers and relies on Windows 7's opinion on the driver for it. I can't find the exact model of my Broadcom Wireless N, but I can't even find a place to download drivers even if I wanted to try a new one.

In case anyone is interested about my workaround, I saved the registry setting that controls this option into a .reg file and I use reg import to add it every startup. Then I use netsh to disable and enable the adapter directly after that.

Any ideas are welcome! Thanks!

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