Wireless does not work, but wired does!


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I'm unable to connect an old IBM ThinkPad computer (with XP Pro on it) to the internet over the WLAN. When I use the LAN (wired connection) it connects and works perfectly.

It detects the available Networks and SSID asks for the key and tries to make the connection, but fails invariably. It used to work earlier, but since my friend moved to a new house (new router, higher DSL - 16000 bits/s) it does not anymore. I am right now trying at my house with an ADSL (51,000 bits/s). Wireless connection does not work in retrospect to the LAN..

Any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it.




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Hi Titanic,

Thanks for your response, but I fixed it the same evening I wrote. The problem was some outdated and discontinued driver and it had a problem connecting wirelessly to the specific router.

Can't say "old is gold" for computers!




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Glad you got it working. That's the main point. :)

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