Wireless invalid key

I have ripped open the packaging and gleefully installed my new windows 7, only to sit here not for 3 hours scratching my head and searching for a solution. The windows 7 seems to be unable to connect to my wireless connection even though the settings i am giving it are correct.

Security Type: WPA-Personal
Encryption type: AES
security key: CORRECTONE

however it keeps telling me it is the incorrect key.

I have reset my entire router and still have no luck on getting it on my network. What else can i try??

The router is a linksys wrt610N, fairly new so should be fine. In my machine I have a RAlink CNET CWP-905 wireless card. No offence taken for anything just want the thing to connect, I am based in New Zealand so access to support lines is a little tricky as it is now late sat night

Will do, However just in process of doing more setup and MS have restriced any server HOST functionality on home premium. Which means RDP will not work to that machine, neither will FTP server. GRRRRR why don't the clarify what is in and out clearly. Now I have to go back to store and see about upgrading. Never know that may fix my issue somehow. If I get a resolution I will post it.

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