Wireless WiFi works on XP but not for Vista

My new laptop with Vista Home Premium can detect the wireless network at my job but will not connect. i have tried a manual connection but with no luck. The computer sees the network as unnamed and unsecured even after a manual set up it never "sees" it properly.

The signal strength is excellent. every computer here with Xp can connect but none of our Vista laptops are able to.
Any ideas or does anyone know which fix to down load?

Hi ican68

Found this bit of info that might help!

This is for Vista (any version) specific wireless issue. On some routers it appears that the default forced broadcasting is not supported thus causing the DHCP allocation to fail.

The following MS article partially addresses this flaw:
Windows Vista cannot obtain an IP address from certain routers or from certain non-Microsoft DHCP servers

Good Luck


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Hi!!! I have a wireless assistant in my notebook. Look it up in your start menu, and make sure it is turn on. If it is not, just follow the prompts for set-up. I also have an unsecured network available, called Linksys. It is loaded with Cookies and all kinds of garbage. Make sure you do a clean sweep with security after using the city. Sincerely, Celestra


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Hi!! Let's see now there is Microsoft "How to trouble shoot wireless connection problems" and "KB1928233" Conditions that have to exist before connection is made. Is it possible that the AP in your work network is not fully Vista compatible?? Microsoft has something called "Vista Wireless Networking Evaluation Guide- technet" I have not looked at it, perhaps it may be useful. Sincerely, Celestra

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