WMP12 won't add/show music

Even though all my music is correctly added to the "Music Library" folder none of the music shows in WMP or Media Center. I have Ultimate. I have made sure that the music library is selected correctly in WMP as a source for music. Any ideas?

BTW, the only reason that I'm using WMP is that MediaMonkey keeps crashing :(


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Try going to Start > Run, and type services.msc,

Scroll down the list until you see Windows Media Network Sharing service,start it if it isn't started and set it to Automatic.

Also what is the exact error message you get when Media Monket crashes?

Hey, thanks for the reply.
That service was already running and set to auto. I restarted it but it had no effect.

When MM crashes it spawns a popup saying:
Exception EAccessViolation in module MediaMonkey (non-skinned).exe at 72BEB11B
Access violation at address 72BEC11B. Read of address 72BEC11B.

After clicking on "yes" infinite popups are spawned, all saying:
Access violation at address 0061C730 in module 'MediaMonkey (non-skinned).exe'. Read of address 00000008

I chose to run it in non-skinned mode in case it would run better, but it didn't. It doesn't crash right away either. It seems to be fairly random about the crashing but it always crashes within 5 mins or running.


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Are you running the 32-bit edition or 64-bit edition.

Did you get the official download from Microsoft;s site.

If it hasn't been that long, try a restore point to go back to when it was working with no error messages.

64 bit.
Official download for what?
MM never worked properly for me. I'm going to reinstall it.


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Did MM work on 64-bit Windows?

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