Word 2007 - cannot send emails

Upgraded from Vista to Win 7 Home Premium, when trying to send document from Word 2007 as an email, says I need to be logged on to Microsoft Exchange to access address book - any suggestions ???


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Did you set up an email program? Windows 7 doesn't come with an email program preinstalled.

Yes, set up Windows Live Mail, appears that Word is looking for address book in outlook ?


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I'm sorry. I asked about your email program only because you didn't mention one in your original post. I can't answer your question about Word 2007 because I don't use any Microsoft Office programs. I'm using Open Office .org. When I click on email in the O.O. writer program it calls up a New Message window from Windows live Mail and attaches itself to that.

I'm sorry I bothered you without being able to help you. :redface:


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Why sent emails by word?
It is more easier to send it by attaching the word file as an attachment, isn't?:redface:

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