Working on new Windows Forum Diagnostic Tool


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Working on a new Windows Forum Diagnostic Tool and would like to know what features you guys would like to see. Basically right now the goal is just to duplicate what it already did.

The current planned features are as follows.

Grab the following information and zip it up:
DXDiag information
Latest minidump(s)
Event Log
Windows Update Log
Hosts file contents
MSINFO32 output
CPU-Z output
Network IP Gateway/DNS/DHCP Server information
System Proxy Settings

Please reply with your suggestions, and thumbs up other staff suggestions while your at it. Thanks!
I had been thinking about creating a WindowsForum powershell module that could also do all that and it would be easy for staff to modify and request additions
Well parts of that tool are broken and the original one was written in VB6 which is pretty old.
I am moving this to the Feedback Forum (public)