Worth The Re-Install From 7100 to 7127?


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In my opinion no it is not worth taking the time to install build 7127.. ;) My reasoning, Build 7127 is from the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) branch and so far offers no major changes to Windows 7 (a few bug fixes).. If Win 7 RC is working fine for you than I'd leave it alone and just wait for the Retail version to be released.. ;) But of course the choice is yours..


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If you dont have any bugs or issues with your setup now, you probably will not notice any difference between the 2 builds


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I mean, I do have a few bugs....but nothing major....

Only small stuff, such as the 2-3 second delay when opening programs....

So....is 7127 any better?


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I put it on another drive, didnt load it up with all my programs and games as Im going to run the RC for now. I did notice it was a bit snappier, but it was a bare OS. There was nothing new to look at. I cant really give you a definative answer because that is as far as I got with it. TBH if your in the postion to format and try it, cant really hurt.

I will have my new 60GB Apex SSD this week, will do some testing with 7127 on that.


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I loaded up 7127 with a clean install with the same programs I had on the RC (office, Acrobat, Snagit, etc etc)

For me, definitely quicker.

For me, the RC got slower, especially after office SP1. 7127 is going well after Office SP1 and 2

I would recommend it, but only for a clean install.

Good luck.


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7127 Bluescreen

First time I have had a problem with a build getting BSOD after installing Utorrent .
Have for a short while gone back to Vista while I wait for a new build .
Think there is more to my problem then just Utorrent maybe a bad burn my way not sure .