Would This Reset/Wipe my Bootloader Files?


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I was trying to eliminate the possibility of corrupt bootloader files. Laptop wont boot windows.

I have a Lenovo laptop, I used the Bios NOVA button to access Lenovo One Key Recovery and re-install (?) windows back to the factory version. By doing this would you assume that I would have solved any corrupt bootloader /bootrec issues? Or could bootloader issues still be present because I used the built-in Lenovo wipe on the laptop instead of like an external fresh iSO image install?

Here is an image of the option i selected:

^See screenshot

But what confuses me is it saying this:

"Note: To perform Lenovo system restore with data loss, you need to backup files on the system drive. This is because the Lenovo OneKey Recovery only deletes files on the system partition."

So that mean it was not a true wipe? I dont get it. All files drivers and updates on it were wiped.
Re-installing Windows back to the factory version using Lenovo One Key Recovery should solve any corrupt bootloader or bootrec issues. Using the built-in Lenovo wipe on the laptop is a legitimate way to reinstall Windows and should not cause any issues with your bootloader.

Regarding the statement about data loss, it's saying that if you want to restore your system to a previous state using Lenovo OneKey Recovery, you will lose any data that is on the system drive. So, if you have any important files, such as documents, pictures or videos, on your laptop's hard drive, you should back them up before restoring the system.

In summary, you should not have any issues with your bootloader after using Lenovo OneKey Recovery to reinstall Windows back to its factory version. If you are still experiencing issues, it's worth running a bootrec /fixboot and bootrec /fixmbr command in the Command Prompt using a Windows installation media to see if that resolves the issue.