Windows 7 Xbox 360 adapter wont connect to my xbox 360 controller. What can I do?

Hey guys,

I got a Xbox 360 adapter for my pc so I can play games via Xbox controller. I got the latest update from Microsoft and my controller still doesn't connect. The status indicator doesnt light up like it would with an xbox. what can I do to fix this I bought two adapters for pc and they still dont work.


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If I am reading your post correctly, you stated connecting your Xbox controller to a 360-pc adapter... I don't believe that will work... however, if you meant 360 controller and pc adapter for the 360, that's entirely different.

I presume that this is the (unofficial) wireless variant, since MS doesn't sell the device separately, only as a packaged Wireless 360 controller/receiver combo.

First off, don't use the drivers that came in package with the device.

Here's one of the instructions I found:

  • Right click on Computer
  • Go to Properties
  • Click on Device Manager
  • Right click on the Unidentified Device
  • Go to Properties
  • Go to the Drive tab
  • Click on Update Driver…
  • Browse my computer for driver software
  • Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  • Microsoft Common Controller for Window Class
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version: [8/13/2009]
  • Update Driver Warning
  • Click Yes

If this doesn't work, here's a few more from the MS site.
XBOX 360 wireless receiver won't connect to controller with - Microsoft Answers

I believe you will also need to pair the device (if it hasn't), to the receiver.

Now, if this is the wired variant... just plug the controller to the USB port.

omg it worked. Thank you so much I was so frustrated with it not working :)


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You're welcome.

If by chance your receiver breaks down and doesn't get covered by the manufacturer. You may want to look into the wired variant: - Microsoft 52A-00004 XBox 360 Common Controller Winxp USB Port. I have it and whole heartily recommend this over the wireless.

I had the 360 controller/receiver wireless combo for the PC, but MS did not want to replace it, since I did not have a receipt... so, I just traded it in at one retailer, trade in value was the same cost I purchased it from another retailer.

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