Windows 10 Try as I may, I cannot see a certain computer from another on my home network


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I have a PC running Windows running Windows 10 ver. 22H2 and a laptop running the same, except for a minor variation in the build, on my home network. Both have an OS partition and a Data partition. I want to access the Data partition of the other from each machine, but cannot. I am able to see and map to the laptop from the PC, but am unable to see ot map to the PC. I can see the laptop from the PC and copy and move files to it and even back to the PC, but all from the PC. Of course, I can ping each computer from the other. I have turned on File and printer sharing on both and made the relevant folders shared on both machines.I have also set the Function Discovery Provider Host, Function Discovery Resource Publication and UPnP Device Host to Automatic. I am able to use my comparison software to copy files back and forth. I also am able to use Microsoft Garage mouse software to control; both machines with one keyboard and mouse. I have turned off all firewalls on both machines. I have even turned off IP6 for the adapter on both machines. Oddly, I can access the PC's Public folder from the laptop but not the drive and folders I need. But, I still do not see the PC in the laptop's Network to be able to access it. I am using the same network over wired Ethernet.
Any ideas? Totally puzzled! TIA.