Sharing files amoungest three computers on my home network


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I have a home network with three computers. They are all running Win 10 Home. I have "shared drives" with "Everyone" on each computer. When I am on my laptop (WiFi connected to the network) I can see Desktop#1 computer, but it asks for credentials (I do not know what user name/password it is looking for. When I am on Desktop#1 I can not even see my laptop. Desktop#2 does not show either Desktop#1 or Laptop.
I am getting tired of doing "sneaker-net" to transfer files from one to the other computer, or to read files on another computer. I hope that this forum will help me fix this problem.


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It will always bee credentials on the computer you're connecting to. You may want to invest in a NAS which which allow you store all files in a central location and not require all the computers to be powered on to access.