Windows 7 XBOX controller and pc

Hi, What do I need to do to use an XBOX controller with my pc?



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So far, I only found info for 360 controllers to PC.

Here's the one from MS: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows | Microsoft Hardware. I presume you should be able to connect additional wireless 360 controllers, to one wireless receiver. MS does not sell the wireless receiver separately.

Then there's the wired variant: Xbox 360 Controller for Windows | Microsoft Hardware

You might be able to locate these same products from other online retailers or the neighborhood brick and mortar specialty electronics stores.

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thnxx for the info...


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You're welcome, though... I do believe that this post may be best serve in the hardware or games portion of the forum.


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I think PC is the best way to enjoy the video game. I have the PC and I have stored so many games in it. So for me PC is awesome way to enjoy the real gaming with it.
I agree. I have long enjoyed FPS's on PC but have recently stopped playing them as much and, well to be honest I'm now addicted to Fruit Ninja on the Windows 8 Release Preview. :)

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I say shop for a wired xbox 360 controller, I use one for gaming on both linux and windows.
Avoid generics though

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