XP and 7 dual boot

Thanks for the info. I tried the 3 commands. Fixmbr and RebuildBcd ran ok but FixBoot had a problem. Here's the msg. I got. 'The volume does not contain a recognized file system.' After rebooting it went right back to XP. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Chris

Dual Boot problem

Hey, I have 2 500 Gig physical hard drives. I had Windows XP installed on Drive C, and installed Windows 7 on Drive D. It was able to dual boot with no problems. I reformatted my C drive and installed Windows XP X64. Now my dual boot no longer works, and I just get an error when I try to boot to the D drive. All of the data is still on my D drive. How can I fix this?

Repair the boot files with the Windows 7 DVD.

I'm presently multibooting XP and Win 7 (7000) along with 4 different linux distributions. Setting this up was very easy.
Before installing Win 7 on the last physical partition of my HDD my setup used the GRUB (linux) bootloader to provide a boot menu to choose between XP and my various linux distros, with the default being my XP install.
After installing Win 7 of course replaced GRUB with it's own bootloader, ignoring my linux installs. Using a live CD called SuperGrub allowed me to restore my original GRUB bootloader menu with the XP entry still at the top (default) and all my linux distros available below it.
Selecting the XP entry brings up the XP/Win 7 bootloader from which you can boot either OS.

This is very cool IMHO. An amazing degree of integration between linux and Windows and something I discovered by accident by using Super Grub to restore GRUB.

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