Windows 7 XP to Win7 migration of a large real-time service with several user windows - help?

A large real-time service (KGW) with several user windows (one graphical under Java) is not compatible with session 0 screen output being removed (Session 0 Isolation) in Win7 (and Vista).

Under XP the first user to logon would be assigned to session 0, and would inherit KGW’s status windows and interactivity.

Under XP KGW’s status windows (up to four) would be managed and updated with or without a user being logged on. And the first user logging on would get access to KGW’s windows as part of session 0 being used for the first user logging on.

In Win7 this just does not work the same. The KGW service is required to start when the computer is booted (no user needed), furthermore, the KGW service requires to regularly update up to 4 windows, 3 are text and could be cashed, the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] is the graphics window as created and updated via a Java virtual machine, this is not really cashable.

One idea is to have a default user defined and have the KGW service AutoLogOn this KGW user, and start a KGW process under this user. This implies the adoption of a specific KGW user who would be the only user having access and interactivity to the KGW process windows.

Is it possible for a Win7 user process to share or transfer a window to another logged on user?

Is it possible for a Win7 for a window to be transfered from session 1 to session 2?

Thank you in advance,
Kevin Waite

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