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Holy confusion. Would this even be possible to try? Basically, I have Vista x64 and XP partitioned dual setup that I use right now. I would like to also add Win7 beta and Ubuntu on a different HD and still be able to switch between all of them without having to reinstall Vista. Here is a snapshot of my plan.
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Thanks in advance for any replies with ideas.
I imagine it's possible but it'd be a pain in the arse.
I put Win 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP and Vista on one machine one time. Just for fun.
For me it was possible, but then i unplugged my ubuntu HDD, because i'm using it rarely and then i had to re-configure bootloader. So, try it ;)
Definitely possible but like Kyle said, it could be a pain in the a$$ (might be more trouble than it's worth.. but then again how are you going to know if you don't try it at least..) none the less though it would be fun to setup.. ;) I say go for it...
Does anyone here know a website or forum with guides on how to do this? I've looked on google but the only ones I could find were triple booting XP, Vista, and Win7 to a single hd. Would OSL2000 work as a bootloader in my case?
Does anyone here know a website or forum with guides on how to do this? I've looked on google but the only ones I could find were triple booting XP, Vista, and Win7 to a single hd. Would OSL2000 work as a bootloader in my case?

I don't know what is OSL2000, but when installed, i installed ubuntu last with GRUB, and everything was fine.
O yeah, it matters. Vista will allways show you less free space for shrinking than it is...
I'd suggest GParted or Easeus Partiton manager. I've never had problems with them
Thnks I will try one of those out. Well I guess I'll give this a shot and post back with details of success or failure.
OK almost went to plan...
Here is how I partitioned my hard drive for windows 7 and ubuntu

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I installed win7 first and then ubuntu. I unplugged my hd containing xp and vista before installing and afterwards was able to boot into win7 and ubuntu through the grub loader.
I then plugged back in my vista/xp hd out of curiosity and rebooted and it again loaded grub so I could only use win7 and linux. (worth a try I guess)
Next, I downloaded and installed the boot loader program OSL2000 restarted and got this screen

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Now things get weird. I am able to get to windows 7 by selecting WINDOWS | HDD1 | 153GB but it is actually installed on the 48GB HDD 3. I guess I don't care but I am curious why this is.
I can also boot back into vista by selecting WIN | HDD 2 | 19GB. But this is where XP is intalled however after I select it, I get back to my old vista boot loader with options to load vista or previous version of windows. Ifigured out that I can boot into vista going that way but only if I hide the win 7 partition in OSL2000.
The problem I am having is that I cannot boot into XP and Ubuntu. Is there some step I missed or something I did wrong?
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I also want to do something similar. I have a dell desktop computer that has vista as it's OS. I used wubi to install ubuntu on to it on the same drive (C: the system drive) as a dual boot. I want to install windows 7 (when the do the next release to the public hopefully next month) in a partition on the same drive and do a triple boot that way (vista, ubuntu, windows 7). Is that possible? I'll need to use a 3rd party partition manager as well. Any advice on that? I do have 79gb free on the drive I want to install it on.
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Booting OS's Windows/Linux

To be able to boot into everything you should install all window systems first and then Linux using Grub boot loader. If you use Lilo you are going to wish you did not. Do not use any Fat partitions for windows. Most every Linux system can now read Windows partitions now. Remember you can only have so many primary drives also. Plugging in and unplugging HDD's can become tiresome after awhile plus if one is using SATA breaking the pins can occur.

I am running XP Pro-Windows7 Beta, openSUSE, SLED and Ubuntu on 1 hard drive. SLED is the controlling boot. When the system boots up I have choice of selected what system to boot into using Linux Grub. Usually it gives you around 6 seconds to choose or it boots into the primary Linux system. The thing about using Linux to control is one can just delete a windows system like the 7 Beta without corrupting the boot loader for the rest.

As far as having to buy Vista to go to Windows 7 from XP Pro, you are throwing money away. If you know anything about systems you can save any installation programs/documents/pics/music, etc to a CD or DVD or a external device, format the partition, and install Windows 7, then reload all your items back on to it that you saved. Of course if you have lots of money just buy Vista and then upgrade to 7. I am quite sure if you have the time to read posts on this forum and than post items you can make time to do all this. I forsee lots of problems upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista since it will actually be a down grading of many of the programs on Vista to 7. When new systems are created it is always best to do a clean fresh install rather than upgrading, plus you get rid of all the junk you accumulated over the years or left behind files from installing/uninstalling programs.
NASAchusetts, could it be ur hard disk master/slave configuration problems ?? Or maybe if ur BIOS can turn off (TOTALLY OFF ON THE SELECTED HARD DISK, NOT AVAILABLE TO "ON") selected hard disk and just "ON" the hard disk/partition u wanna boot....
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