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Windows 8 Yellow rectangles appear all over my screen when using IE10

Craig H

New Member
Mar 11, 2012
First off, I'd like to say that up until now, Windows 8 has been running perfectly for me. If I had seen this on a friend's computer a few days ago, I'd have thought this was a release version. This post is meant more to advise people than as a plea for help. I realize this is a beta version, and that we all accept certain risks when installing beta software.

Anyways, on to the problem - as of this morning, small yellow boxes have been popping up on my browser window whenever I use Internet Explorer. Right when these boxes appear, my system freezes solid. From the information I've gathered thus far, it doesn't seem to be a hardware-related issue (my video card is only about 9 months old, and is kept reasonably cool at all times via the default cooling fan and a large house fan I keep next to my tower, which sits on my floor.) Also, interestingly enough, this problem seems to confine itself to Internet Explorer. It does not happen in Firefox, Opera, or Safari, which seem to have their own minor issues with certain flash sites such as NVidia's driver page not working properly, but that's ignorable. Also, this does not happen inside any of my installed games or graphics programs. (I do heavy 3D architectural and game design work, so my video card does get quite a workout.)

That's all. Hopefully this will advise others of a possible workaround until Microsoft releases a new build.