Yes or No


No ... I like the dark !

Do youkeep a glass of water next to your bed ?


Honorable Member always thirsty..:)

do you like playing in the sand while you where a kid?

Yes ... :razz:

Do you like puzzles ?


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Do you like video games?

Yes I do :razz:

Do you brush your hair each morning ?


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yes...i have straight, shiny hair i wanna keep it that way :tongue:

do you wear high heels?

Yes ... about every day :)

Do you wear a tie ?


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yes..only during job interview.....:redface:

do you use a ball point pen or a fountain pen in signing documents?

fountain pen ... got a new one :)

Do you have your own cup / mug at work ?


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yes..i have, one those naughty coffee mugs..:rofl:

do you have reclining loveseat at work?

No ... I wish LOL

Do you like to experiment with new software ?


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oh yes!...i have dozens of OS and installers to proved it. oops did i say OS i meant Official Selection of installers.:hide:

do you have new software installed?

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Yes ... trying out Total Audio Converter :)

Did you have any Windows updates today ?


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are you phychic now? as a matter of fact YES i did have windows updates just now..except for the ie9

do you like converting audio's and video's?

Yes :)

Do you not use ie9 ?


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nope...i had too much browsers already.

do you download videos from youtube?

Yes ... some

Do you use VM ware ?

Captain Jack

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Nice game :)


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hi capt. want to join the fun?

yes for the vmware 7.0.0 build-203739

do you see a pirate around?

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