Yet Another Windows Media Player Conundrum . . .


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Aloha !

My Moms has a PC with all here photo's on it. When ever she came back from a holiday, she would put the photo's on the PC, sort them out and then watch them with friends on het Sony TV in the livingroom...

You guessed it. This mysteriously stopped working... but not entirely ?

The setup:
  • Win 10 PC - With photos (Windows 10 Pro 19041.450) / Main computer with Windows Media Player 12
  • Win 10 Laptop
  • Sony TV
  • My own Win 10 laptop in het network.

The files :
I have a directory called : C:\Mijn Documenten\Documenten\Pictures
In this directory we have a whole bunch of folders like :
- Dropbox Folder
- Scanned Items
- Vacation
- Other folders
- Even More Folders

In ALL, no exception, folders, there are pictures....

The weird things :
- All the laptops and the TV can see the main computer
- All the laptops and the TV can see the 'Dropbox' folder and view the pictures
- All of the other folders like 'Vacation', 'Scanned items' or any other folder is visible but seem to be empty

Now in theory Moms can just select "cast to device" but this is not a real viable solution.
My Moms age is 75+. The TV is in the living room and the main computer one floor up
and I do not want her to climb the steep stairs unnecessary.

I have searched for weeks at and end and frankly I have NO IDEA what is wrong.
Very sure it is some setting I have missed but I can't figure out what...
...Uhmm ? Help ? Please ? Anyone ?


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Sorry for the late reply, and frankly I don't have The Answer, just a suggestion.
- Maybe the Media Player is missing a codec (decoding tool), install on Moms laptop the VLC media player, with it come codecs for almost everything. Leave, during the installation of VLC all file associations like .jpg to being handled by the Media Player, don't allow VLC to taking over.

Hope it helps Mom