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I have the same problem the last 2 days. I delete it and in 5-10 mins it appears again. I have scanned with Super Antispyware and Malwarebytes Antimalware and Microsoft Security Essentials, but with no success.

I am sure it is not a harmful one, but I want to get rid of it from my "clean" desktop.

Any advise will be welcomed!


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Re: YourGame.exe constantly being created

I'm not sure about what this file is (but assuming it's been scanned with AVG and MBAM and confirmed clean), you can easily right click it, navigate to Properties and select "Hidden". Then apply. The file is still there, you'll just never see it again.

Re: YourGame.exe constantly being created

YourGame.exe is related to Angry Birds in some way. I always get it when I do start menu > games > and mouse over Angry Birds. I uninstalled Angry Birds and going back to Games and mousing over all the other games did NOT produce the file. I reinstalled AB and went back through Start > Games > Mouse over AB and the file pops up on my desktop again. I removed the shortcut to Angry Birds from the Games directory in my Start Menu but did not uninstall the program and I no longer get YourGame.exe popping up on my desktop.

Something about Angry Birds and Windows 7 is causing this to happen.

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Re: YourGame.exe constantly being created

Deeply scan your computer for viruses and remove detect one's
Install PCFresher System Utilities and run all of its tools to clean junk from your computer and Windows registry.
Best of Luck

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