Windows 7 YouTube Advertizing!


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I don't know if this is the appropriate forum for this topic but I could not find an answer for this anywhere: since upgrading from Windows Vista 64bit to Windows 7 64 bit, whenever I'm watching a video on YouTube I hear advertizements running in the background that have nothing to do with the vid that's on. This never happened before with Vista. Plus, I checked to make sure that no tabs were opened on any commercial ads on the page. Any ideas?

Have you tried using a different browser to see what happens?
If you are using Internet Explorer try Google Chrome and see if the same thing happens.

Funny that you mention that, I did try both of those browsers last year but had a problem with mozilla (I forget exactly what the problem was) and Chrome didn't appeal to me either but if these ads keep up I may have to. Bear in mnd that this only happens when I'm watching YouTube videos, and only since I upgraded to Windows 7. Weird, huh?