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    I'm looking for a specific software...

    Every time I right-click and copy a link to a video I want that link to be sent to a clipboard. That way I won't have to copy and paste every link I come across. Is there software like that?
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    Best DVD ISO ripper?

    I'm looking to buy a solid DVD ISO ripper program. Any recommendations?
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    Plz help!!! Stuck in Safemode bootloop...

    Neemobeer, I figured out what was causing the freezing. It was an app called Wise Registry Cleaner. It was messing with the Windows 10 service.exe, slowing it down, and also preventing it from working properly. I knew something was wrong because this never happens to me. It didn't start until...
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    Plz help!!! Stuck in Safemode bootloop...

    Ugh... So, I'm having major issues with my PC freezing up a lot. I even tried reinstalling Windows 10 and it worked great for about 2 hours before freezing up again. I figure there must be some kind of trojan downloading stuff to my PC. This is strange because I formatted the drive twice before...
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    BSOD when exiting Google Chrome browser.

    That did it! Much appreciated!
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    BSOD when exiting Google Chrome browser.

    This started happening a few days ago. Whenever I close out the browser in Google Chrome, I'd get the BSOD. BUT every other browser such as Microsoft Edge and FireFox does not have that problem. I tried uninstalling Chrome, rebooting, and reinstalling Chrome but that doesn't fix the issue...
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    Win 10 Stars on Blank Screen

    Ok. I opened up task view and X'd out the second screen and then rebooted. Now there's just one screen with all of my icons so problem solved! You're a life saver Mike!
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    Win 10 Stars on Blank Screen

    Sure. It always starts on the 2nd screen, so I have to drag it over to the 1st screen.
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    Win 10 Stars on Blank Screen

    Whenever I boot up or restart my PC, it'll always start on the next screen (which is bank) instead of the screen with all my icons and links. How do I make this screen the default?
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    How to tell if you're a true Admin?

    Ok. Thanks, guys!
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    How to tell if you're a true Admin?

    Is there a way to tell if you truly have Admin rights? Aside from checking your profile. Any way to confirm that you have absolute authority in Windows 10?
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    File Explorer Options won't stick.

    I don't know why but for some reason whenever I check "Don't show hidden files" and "Hide extensions for known file types" in File Explorer Options, it'll work for a few seconds and then revert back to being unchecked. I tried checking the boxes and rebooting afterwards but that still won't fix...
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    Deleting files with Command Prompt

    How do I delete all files except for those who has the [!] in their file names? EDIT: Found a workaround. It's a free program called Bulk File Manager v1.6.
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    Can't Find Wi-Fi drivers.

    So, I decided to downgrade from Windows 7 to XP Pro on my Acer Aspire 5736Z-4460 because it'd freeze up constantly while I was using it. XP doesn't have that problem. But when I switched to XP, I had to look for the wireless / Wi-Fi drivers for it. I tried every driver I could find and they'd...
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    Aggravated.. External HDD not detected.

    Ok. Got it. Thanks people.