I'm looking for a specific software...


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Every time I right-click and copy a link to a video I want that link to be sent to a clipboard. That way I won't have to copy and paste every link I come across. Is there software like that?


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legna … unless i misunderstand (happens often lately), you wish to store previous clipboard contents in a 'manager' of some sort … copying each element (url in your example)… being able to paste any previous element at the time of your choosing?

seems a clipboard manager would be obvious choice. i been using one called 3d-clipboard for the past 15 or so years. they have not updated the utility since 2012 … but it still works with my latest win-10 release. if one is handy with scripting models … the utility also offers functionality in that aspect. check it out, if you are so inclined: 3D Clipboard • Home