Plz help!!! Stuck in Safemode bootloop...


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Ugh... So, I'm having major issues with my PC freezing up a lot. I even tried reinstalling Windows 10 and it worked great for about 2 hours before freezing up again. I figure there must be some kind of trojan downloading stuff to my PC. This is strange because I formatted the drive twice before installing Windows 10. Perhaps I'm being targeted by a hacker. I really don't know. It's so bad I had to use my Windows 10 disc just to get into safemode. While in safemode there's absolutely no freezing whatsoever which leads me to think that it might just be a hacker messing with me. While in safemode, I scanned with Malwarebytes and it picked up on about seven trojans and rootkits which I took care of.

To get into safemode, I booted up my Windows 10 disc to get into Advanced options and chose Command prompt and entered: bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal pressed enter and then rebooted. Now, I can't get it to boot normally at all. I would have to go back into command prompt and enter something else to set it back to the way it was but I can't find any info on how to do that. So, if anybody knows how to get out of this safemode bootloop plz help me. Also, I tried accessing msconfig while in safemode but that feature doesn't work in safemode.


Ok. I figured it out. I had to press the Windows key + R to open the System Configuration tool and then type in msconfig. And I was able to disable safemode that way. But I'd still like to know what command disables safemode?
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I find it highly unlikely you're specifically being targeted by cyber criminals (most common is mass email spam/phishing, drive by malware in sites for ransomware or botnet purposes).

It's much more likely you have failing hardware such as the disk, memory or a heating problem. You should be able to get some tools to test from another computer. I would recommend hiren boot disc. Throw it on a USB and run memtest86+ for at least 5-10 passes and a hard drive fitness test such as Seagate SeaTools.


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Neemobeer, I figured out what was causing the freezing. It was an app called Wise Registry Cleaner. It was messing with the Windows 10 service.exe, slowing it down, and also preventing it from working properly. I knew something was wrong because this never happens to me. It didn't start until two days ago, the same day I bought Wise Registry Cleaner. Thankfully, I managed to uninstall it in safemode. I'm just glad it wasn't a hacker.