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    Trying to copy from HD to external - Strange Wont' copy!

    Hi, I have Win 7 Pro. This has never happened to me before. I have an external USB drive of backups from an XP SP3 box. I want to copy them over to an external USB on my Win 7 box. I open 2 explorers. one in each box and 'copy'. It shows as Preparing to Copy and Calculating but then...
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    XP SP3 extend partition inquiry

    Hi, On XP Drive 0 I have C: with XP and have another couple of drives as well. and Drive 1 is F: Primary and G: Extended each about 37GB. I have Drive 2 D: 80GB Extended partition... I want to join both F and G together as 1 partition mainly the G: one. Though Disk Mgmt Storage...
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    Help with DNS and network setup please

    Hi, All of a sudden I am having getting to the internet... Win7Pro. DNS I am connected to the web via cable and it all worked fine for years with the ISP Modem which only had WAN out which I plugged into the WAN port of my Billion 6404VGP. Everything is Wired, no wireless here. I have 3 LAN...
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    'Highly critical' Windows 7 bug causes BSOD

    Hi, I just got this in my email. Seems like they have discovered this which hopefully none of us will experience. oz ZDNet / Security / Story Highly critical' Windows 7 bug causes BSOD 'Highly critical' Windows 7 bug causes BSOD - Security -...
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    Can't setup new Win 7 on new box. Loops but got blue screen after a while

    Hi, For a start than you for your time and help. You're right, it kept going back to the DVD to reinstall. Anyway after a long time, I decided to unsaet everything in the box and replace one by one. Sure enough it worked after I took one 4GB stick out of the box. I still have not had time...
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    Can't setup new Win 7 on new box. Loops but got blue screen after a while

    Hi, I have been trying for about 8 hours to install my new win 7 on a new box. I only have a 500GB drive in it and a dvd. The rest is on the mobo. I have a usb mouse and usb kB plugged in. I started with the setup DVD and changed language and chose to install. It go to expanding files okay...