Help with DNS and network setup please


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All of a sudden I am having getting to the internet... Win7Pro.

I am connected to the web via cable and it all worked fine for years with the ISP Modem which only had WAN out which I plugged into the WAN port of my Billion 6404VGP. Everything is Wired, no wireless here.

I have 3 LAN out of the Billion. 1 to another switcher which goes out to other XP boxes and the other 3 to XP and 7 boxes.

AS I said this has worked for for net and LAN for several years.

Trouble started when the ISP took the original modem and gave me a Netgear 3000.
This has 4 LAN out.

I took 1 out and plugged it into the WAN port of the billion as I had dome before.

It did work for a while, but somehow it has now stopped. I have regular LAN okay out of the Billion and switcher but I cannot get to the web.

The Win7 message is The DNS server isn't responding.

I have looked in the admin of the Billion and there is no DHCP IPs there.. just
I checked the admin of the Netgear (which is the ISP modem) and there is web access with IP numbers.

It seems that the Billion is not talking with the Netgear.

Can I please have sone help and advice with this.

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I can't seem to download the manual for that device. But it might be a Gateway, as opposed to a modem, which combines a modem and router into one unit. If it is, does it have a specific WAN out port or just the 4 LAN ports?

If it does not have a dedicated WAN port, you might need to check into How to Cascade Routers, or not use the Billion.

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