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    Folder Options

    Here's a perfect example. I have specific folder in my desktop called optimization utilities with ccleaner,speccy, speedfan, that type of stuff. But everytime I open the folder I get Large documents....every time. Then I set it back to details and close the folder. I just did all that with a...
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    Folder Options

    It's not remembering ANYTHING. I went to folder options-view and reset folders, but nothing changed
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    Folder Options

    Maybe I'm not wording it properly when searching the forum, but I'm having a few Windows 7 issues lately. For the past couple months my folders ALL open to "large icon" view I'll switch to details view but the next time I open the folder it's back to large icon. Strangely enough, the only...
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    Disappearing Freespace On External Hard Drives

    Why is it that my 500g external HD now reads "375GB free of 465GB" and my external terabyte HD reads "788GB free of 931GB"? I'm missing 35GB from one drive and almost 70Gb from the other!! Where did it go and how can I get it back?? The solution is probably something simple that I'm overlooking...
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    Oscdimg.exe is not a valid win32 application

    SOLVED - Oscdimg.exe is not a valid win32 application I hope someone can help..... I just purchased the Windows 7 ultimate student version with the intention of doing a clean install over my Windows 7 RC. I've been trying to make an iso using the instructions here in this forum, but no matter...
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    Cannot Backup

    SOLVED - Cannot Backup I click control panel then "backup your computer",but when I click on "set up backup",nothing happens.What could be the problem??
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    SOLVED Thunbnails Suddenly I have no thumbnail previews at all. I've looked at my settings in folder options and have found no issues.Funny thing is,I had them yesterday. Any suggestions?:confused: