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  1. K

    Windows 10 User account missing from login screen

    I cant log in to my main user profile. Previously I had an issue where I was getting notifications saying to set up Windows Hello, although I already had a pin, and when I tried to create a pin, it would ask for my pin to verify identity then the window would just close. This was the same if...
  2. W

    Windows 10 Making a 'Work' Account on Personal Computer?

    Hey there! Lets cut straight to the chase: I am not being very productive at home lately. No matter where in the house I am at i just can't concentrate long enough to do anything useful with my computer, and i don't want to have to leave the house every time i need to write something, or...
  3. simoncks1994

    Windows 10 Completely separated user accounts

    Hi, I just set up two user accounts on my Windows 10 laptop. I discovered that, whenever I install software, the Desktop icon will show up in both accounts. At the same time, the software could also be run in another account. Is there any way to create completely separated accounts, which do...
  4. Evan Lewis

    Windows 7 Mysterious Windows Log offs

    I manage a college lab that has several desktop pcs running windows 7. I've been trying my best to set them up so that they remain logged into an admin account with the necessary files and applications. There is no password entry required on restart or wake up/ resume or boot up. However I...
  5. L

    Windows 10 Two Win 10 user accounts running simultaneously, with one used locally and one via RDP? Possible?

    Hi, I need to allow someone to remotely connect to my windows 10 computer, and am wondering if this is possible: I have two user accounts right now on my computer, one for me to work on and one for my friend remotely. I want to use my user account locally for myself, and I want to allow him...
  6. Ron Binmore

    Windows 10 Outlook accounts problem

    I swapped over to Windows 10, lost Hotmail which has become Outlook and have a problem. Both my wife and I use the same computer. she has her account and I have mine. The problem is, every time she tries to access Outlook, the computer goes straight to my account and I cannot find any way of...
  7. Matthew Smith

    Windows 8 Back-up a single account

    Hello, On my PC I have multiple users, but because I am resetting my computer so that it's clean when I upgrade to Windows 10, I need a back-up. However, I only want to back up my account. Is that possible? And also, if I have received my upgrade, but reset my system, then I can still get the...