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    Windows 10 Windows 10 will not boot, boots into "Preparing Automatic Repair"

    I just did an update in Windows 10 and I was able to boot back into Windows but since I shut my computer down I cannot boot back into Windows and instead it will boot into "Preparing Automatic Repair". In the automatic repair I did try rolling back the update and even reset my PC but it will not...
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    Autounattend.xml that cleans 3 partitions while leaving the remaining 1 intact.

    I am an amateur with the autounattend.xml. I have been able to successfully follow tutorials and create installs on multiple partition formatted hard drives. So the question, How do I setup the autounattend to clean 3 of the partitions created while leaving one partition intact, i.e. all the...
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    Automatic update of 'Target' and 'Start in' with Bash

    Hi, I want to automatic update Properties for a Windows shortcut from a Bash script. Especially values in Target and Start in. Typically update from e.g. 'Open Office 4' to 'Open Office 5' for those. Any idea? Thanks!
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    Automatic Update Check and Install Error Notifications

    There are a few things in Windows Update that have been bothering me lately, and they have been happening on two Windows 7 computers. I have tried a few things, but nothing has helped. On one of the computers, I receive the following error: "Windows could not check for updates automatically."...