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Windows 11 How can I boot up without typing in my pin or anything else?


New Member
Jun 25, 2021
I just want to log into Windows automatically without typing in an ything
You need to type in netplwiz in the run box.

This tutorial I found will show the basics:

Link Removed
Microsoft disabled this trick a while back when they pushed 4 pin passwords onto unwilling users... its nice to see that finally put to rest and netplwiz turned back on
anytime users get more choice is a win in my book
Yeah, I have my computer set up to just login on its own for the first time in years. I don't have to worry about anyone accessing my computer, and the log in routine has caused me issues occasionally over the years.

Now I just turn it on and go get coffee, when I get back it's run its malware scan and is ready to go.
Recently I restarted in it Safe Mode, and it wouldn't reboot without my typing in my Microsoft password, wouldn't accept the Pin.

I hadn't had to type my Microsoft ID in ages. And it was on the computer that wouldn't boot.
Had to go on another computer and log in to my account and say I forgot my password, to change the password, so I could log in.
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