1. rald


    Hi Everyone, I usually do use dual monitors, My laptop screen and external monitor. But today my display 1 (which is my laptop screen) is a white screen after I stay asleep, I don't know why because when I wake up it's a white screen already, and now it's a black screen. I've tried opening the...
  2. S

    Windows 10 Black screen of death

    Hello and thank you all for any help or ideas. In general, my computer is 'scanning and repairing' drives on startup, then booting into a black screen with cursor. I don't have a pc easily available to install usb boot programs but have tried a couple thus far. Refreshing or restoring are not...
  3. R

    Windows 10 In/Out of Fullscreen causes crashes

    Okay, so I've been searching around and cannot find anyone else with a similar problem. Basically, sometimes when going into or out of something that is fullscreen, it will just freeze on a black screen. Mouse cursor isn't visible, no keyboard shortcuts work, but Skype still works perfectly...
  4. K

    Windows 10 Windows blackscreen on startup

    So I'm making this thread as I am having the same problem as another user on here where the windows 10 download was working up until the 75% mark and my desktop restarted and I am now stuck on a blackscreen. I have no startup screen usage or anything the computer boots up as normal and is stuck...