boot up

  1. G

    Internal scheduler error

    I have had 3-4 bsods these past 3-months. Yesterday, while I was using my laptop, the mouse stopped responding. And by responding, I mean it still moved, but it couldn't scroll. And I know it isn't a problem with my mouse. I decided to restart to see if it Will fix the issue, when suddenly, I...
  2. Monkstrosity

    Windows 10 All M.2 SSDs Sequentially at 100% after boot

    Hello all, new to this so bear with me. I recently purchased a 1 TB WD Black M.2 NVMe Drive and installed a fresh OS image on it, keeping my two secondary SATA WD Blue M.2 Drives full of games and just re-mapping on the new drive. Ever since then, however, the system always runs each disk, one...
  3. V

    Windows 10 Windows 10 boot up issue

    I was trying to fix a disk issue on my computer by limiting how much disk it could use, which led it just not really work properly so I restarted my computer... Now my computer can’t login to my account, it says “the user profile service service failed the sign-in” and I gave up and just wanted...