cmos battery

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    Veracrypt Corrupted UEFI

    Asus 2012 UEFI 16GBDDR3 Laptop N56V(z) Veracrypt version from april 2023 Win10 22H2 Pro Encrypted C Windows system partition, then deleted all partitions on disk, then in UEFI, removed Veracrypt boot entry option. It never booted since then. It is always black screen, 100% black, nothing else...
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    Windows 7 Windows freezes on startup after replacing CMOS battery

    Hey guys, Yesterday when I switched on my PC, my time was reset to 2011. So I thought that my CMOS battery had run out and i replaced it. But when I tried to boot it up,it said that windows was unable to boot up and i had to either launch startup repair or start windows normally. If I choose...