Windows wont load.

I just changed my CMOS Battery and put the date and time back in the BIOS and now when i get past the POST screen it goes to a "A recent hardware has been changed, click on diagnostic and fix" something like that. so i did that and it goes and checks and comes back saying failed. now i try just clicking on "Start Windows Manually" and the windows 7 icon pops up with 2 little dots then freezes and reboots my pc back to the BIOS. i did a diagnostic from the BIOS and it says my Memory and hard drive is OK. Anyone have any ideas on what i can try? i made sure my primary load is HDD also.


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You may have to go back and set the Bios defaults. The type of message you are receiving might be because the hard drives are moved around or some other startup entry is not correct. Many times when I see that I just go into the bios and that takes care of it. Are you sure you did not dislodge something when you changed the battery and you put it back correctly?

yeah i even tripled checked it all and everything is in its place and i did go into bios to see if anything is mixed up and it all seems fine. im reinstalling windows now to see if it may have got corrupt. not sure what else to do :(

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