Windows 7 Fatal error problem

I have an HP Compaq dc5000 sff. I clean fresh installed windows 7 professional. Whenever I reboot or shut down and turn back on; just before the os boots, it stops and prompts, "FATAL ERROR: Failed To Locate Necessary Table(s) To Make Adjustments. Press Any Key To Continue Booting". After I press a key, it continues a normal boot and I can go on using the computer as normal.

Various forums explained to try:

1) windows 7 installation disc's start-up repair option
"Tried it, didn't find any problem."

2) cmd prompt - sfc/scannow
"Tried it, didn't find any problem."

3) reinstalling windows 7
"Tried it, still have the problem."

4) replacing the cmos battery and resetting cmos
"Tried it, still have the problem."

I'm currently out of options. This is really bugging me. Can anyone help?

It could be that the HDD is failing.

I was worried someone was going to say that

Changed the hard drive and installed windows 7 professional. Win 7 installed without a problem and pc didn't give me a problem neither. Suddenly the fatal message came back. I noticed that the "fatal error" message appeared only after I updated the sound and graphics driver. The pc still works perfectly after pressing a button to continue the boot process, but the darn fatal message appears again all the time. I updated the drivers using the website, so it's not like I installed random drivers. I don't know how to get rid of the fatal message.

I just did the clean boot but I still have the fatal error message.

As Ned Flanders would say, " As far as melon-scratchers go, that's a honey-doodle."


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OK, reset everything back from your clean boot to a normal boot and give Autoruns a try from here
Run autoruns.exe as administrator and have a look at the "everything? tab.
Have a look for things already highlighted in yellow indicating a "file not found" condition.
Additionally does the error have anything indicating its' source, either in the title bar or elsewhere on the dialog box?

EDIT: You can refine the autoruns output slightly by choosing "hide Microsoft entries" from the menu bar and then click the fresh icon or hit F5

I'm going to try the autoruns right now. To answer your question, No the message doesn't describe anything else other than the "table(s)".


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While I'm generally reluctant to pass along obscure articles found on the internet, I saw this one and thought you might have a comment.
Is that the exact screen you are seeing?
It mentions the problems is common with Toshiba's but doesn't mention an HP / Compaq, but still might be worth consideration as you seem to have tried everything else.

Just finished running the scans. It only highlights a file called "gathernetworkinfo.vbs"


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We may be cross posting at this point.
Did you take a look at the link I posted above.
Is the screen identical to the one you are seeing?

Hey trouble, that image on the link is the exact message I get

Scratch that, I saw the message wrong...thats not the message I get


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OK then....
I guess the solution provided there would be up to you to consider whether or not you want to attempt it.
NOTE: This Solution also work for Error
"FATAL ERROR: Failed to locate necessary table(s) to make adjustments. Press any key to continue booting"
From the same article.

This is the message I get, " Fatal Error: Failed to locate necessary table(s) to make adjustments. Press any key to continue booting."


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Yes.... that message is also mentioned in that same article.


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Is it possible that you are missing a chipset driver for your motherboard that supports a boot condition from the BIOS settings, (fast boot, quick boot, safe boot, etc., etc., etc.,)?

Not sure. But if I am what should I do?


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Got to the computer manufacturer's website for your specific make and model and see what the have to offer, paying particular attention to Chipset drivers.

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