1. R

    Windows 11 Windows disk holding onto deleted files | F:\$RECYCLE.BIN

    Hi there! Basically I was searching for certain file and by typing the filename I notice some deleted files appearing in the indexed search results, I open the file location and it's F:\$RECYCLE.BIN, to my surprise several folders and files that I've deleted from the desktop Recycle Bin some...
  2. L

    Windows 10 I can't partition the data disk by more than about 2.5 GB

    I was hoping to solve this problem by myself, but I seem to have hit a dead end. I need to partition the disk to install a Linux Distro on it. Obviously, this is not the first time that I do this, but the problem I'm experiencing today is the first time that happened to me. Basically, I can't...
  3. D

    Windows 10 Windows 10 doesn't boot after dual boot: Not even an image appears

    Hello everyone. Hope you are doing ok. I have an Asus Laptop X407UB with 4 Intel® Core™ i3-6006U CPU @ 2.00GHz processors, 12 GB RAM and 1 TB of disk storage. Today, I decided to dual boot Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Windows 10, but, since I installed Ubuntu to my computer, my Windows doesn't even...
  4. V

    Windows 10 Windows 10 boot up issue

    I was trying to fix a disk issue on my computer by limiting how much disk it could use, which led it just not really work properly so I restarted my computer... Now my computer can’t login to my account, it says “the user profile service service failed the sign-in” and I gave up and just wanted...
  5. F Levi

    High average response time

    Hi! I and my friend, my father have the same problem. We have high average response time on the disks, but just the updated windows 10 is the same in our pcs. So yeah, same problem on my intel laptop, on my intel main pc and on my old amd pc too. In my main pc and laptop i have ssd. The ssds...
  6. Guest21

    Please insert disk into removable drive error

    I have inserted my USB drive into the computer and upon clicking on it asks me to insert a disk into removable drive. What do I do?