Please insert disk into removable drive error


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I have inserted my USB drive into the computer and upon clicking on it asks me to insert a disk into removable drive. What do I do?
Hello there! It turns out that I may have a solution!
Go into Disk management as ADMIN
Identify your device at the bottom. For me the block was black, saying it was unallocated.
RIGHT CLICK THAT BLOCK, then New Simple Volume.

Choose drive letter then Next.
Format if you don't mind erasing data with a New Volume Label (this is the only option I have tried, it would be great for me if someone tried not to format and then reported back to me because my USB is fixed).
(OPTIONAL) Uncheck QUICK FORMAT if you want to perform a long format, but there is no point if you want to save time.
It may hang for a while
but then the black block will turn blue and voila!
You may now use your USB.
Try this out and see if it works (it worked for me)