1. NikitaHeyland

    Windows 10 Fonts not installing properly.

    Hi, when I install a font, it installs lets say 'semi bold', 'thin', and 'regular' all as 'regular' in the font setting. Therfore when I try and use it in adobe XD, it thinks all of these fonts are the same because for some reason the system decided to call them all 'regular'. I copy all of...
  2. FontProblem

    Windows 7 Need help removing a font

    Hi, So I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium, and I ran into an issue with a font. I tried installing this font Barlow Condensed ExtraBold. Normally I just drag the file into Windows\Fonts, and there are no issues. However, this time, when I moved the file, it did not show up in the folder: As...
  3. H

    Windows 10 Windows 10 font installation issue

    I am able to install most fonts into windows 10 successfully. I have a truetype font that will not install. It appears to install, but is not available to any programs. I have clicked on the Install font button, copy & paste it, or drag and drop it into the windows font folder to install. it...
  4. Venkatesh Gunda

    Windows 10 How to change interface font for a particular application??

    I want a different font for an application (Android Studio) because it won't support Lato. But I do highly require Lato for the rest of windows. Is it possible?? If yes, how?
  5. 4

    Windows 10 Missing some characters font on system dialog

    Some of the characters on the metro-style system dialog show up as a square instead of the actual character. Can anybody know how to fix this? TIA
  6. Alexanderrox2010

    Windows 7 My text looks smaller than it should...

    So... uh. Hello. This has been going for a while. I changed my display back to 100%, and now this is the text. I'm pretty sure it's not normal. Can anyone help me out with this? I've tried Googling with no luck!!
  7. UltimateLordBear

    Windows 10 Program Font Sizes to Large?

    I recently purchased the Alineware 17.3, but some of my programs, like Malware Bytes, Pencil2D, and Open Broadcaster Software, the fonts are are to large to read. I'm putting some pictures of the problem. My computer has Nvidia, and Intel graphics drivers. I'm not sure if thats needed info. Does...
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