Windows 10 font installation issue


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I am able to install most fonts into windows 10 successfully. I have a truetype font that will not install.

It appears to install, but is not available to any programs. I have clicked on the Install font button, copy & paste it, or drag and drop it into the windows font folder to install. it shows in the installed fonts folder, but not in any programs. I have uninstalled it, I have removed it from the font folder, the windows font folder and the windows registry to support a clean install. I have tried a clean install on a different computer, and it still won't install and be available in any programs.

This is a font from a reputable provider. it has been downloaded as a zip file and unzippedand it has also been downloaded from an email from the font designer.

Does anyone have any additional suggestions, please?


Windows Forum Team
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Clicking Install should be all that is needed. The font may be corrupt if it won't install. You can try right clicking the font and select properties. Check the box "unblock" and then try to install it.