1. Avast Software

    Windows 10 Gamers - have you tried our Game Mode

    Hey gamers -- Avast 2017 came with an all-new Game Mode. I've used it on a lower-powered PC I use for light work/light gaming and it definitely helps (not much CPU/GPU to go around on that machine) plus it's easy to use. My opinions, of course! I'm curious on the other end, though -- have any...
  2. RUDY03

    Alternatives to Battlefield 1? Anyone?

    Yo people of the in'rnet! Was searching google for some alternatives to BF 1 which obviously are set in World War 1 and are 1st/3rd person and not MMO in anyway.....Any help is appreciated.... P.S. Not that 'hi-fi' please...don't have much specs....kinda medium graphics GTA 5 specs...so be...