Windows 10 help me for this issue please


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hello guys,i need yall help,please help me
i have old pc with this spec:
intel core i7 6700
motherboard biostar h170 t
ram kingstone hyperX 2x4 ddr3
GTX 1070 HOF
1tb hard drive
normally,i got 50-80 fps when i played game like valorant,nfs heat,or FIFA,but i have some issue with my old cpu,in recent days when i played game,my fps very2 drop,i played old game like Dragon Nest in 15 fps LOL,and then i checked "perfmon /report" IN WINDOWS run,i hot this issue.chek the picture
oh btw i finished chek the grhapic card with FurMark and the VGA is normal,no problem
and i already install and reinstall driver from official website but but nothing changes,
,can yall help me to fix this issue please
Screenshot (1).png


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I would look at temperatures on the CPU. I would wager it's running too hot and probably needs to be cleaned. They will throttle down if they run too hot.