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  1. B

    Windows 10 How to use Web Certificates

    Hello, I need help troubleshooting a special connection with an institution. I am not a web expert. I need to install web certificates to access a specific website for an institution. I have read 3 of their manuals for how to do this, but I have been unsuccessful. I have contacted their...
  2. pratibha91

    Windows 10 Microsoft edge vs Google Chrome

    Windows has upgraded its internet explorer to edge, whose interface is almost similar to Google chrome. But speed may vary. So, can you share your opinions about this which is better to use?
  3. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Enable Tab Groups in Google Chrome

    Tab groups in Chrome allows for better organization of your open browser tabs, the ability to move the entire tab group and even close the entire group with a few clicks. To get started with tab groups launch Chrome if it's not already running Enable and Create Your First Tab Group Open a...
  4. tonylee

    😍Google Chrome VS FireFox VS Opera VS Microsoft Edge Speed Test

    This is the speed test between Google Chrome VS FireFox VS Opera VS Microsoft Edge😍 Speed Test on Windows 10. 💗 It has an unexpected result. What is the fastest browser of 2019 ? Google Chrome VS FireFox VS Opera VS Microsoft Edge Speed Test on Windows 10! Who Would Win? Microsoft Edge...
  5. kpkushbu

    Windows 10 How to Make Chrome Default Browser in Windows 10?

    Can anyone tell, how can we make chrome default browser in windows 10 OS?
  6. M

    Windows 10 Preview automatically every time i download the image?

    Hi guys, After download the image from google chrome windows image viewer automatically previewing the image.This happen literally every time when i download the image. I thought chrome has the problem so i reset the chrome settings, but no use still it previewing the image after...
  7. ragnarok1968

    NEWS Google Chrome scam could inject malware into your computer

    Article Link A Google Chrome scam that could infect your computer with malware continues to pose a threat to users, according to cybersecurity experts. Last month security company Proofpoint warned that hackers can inject script into poorly-protected web pages. The script, which targets the...
  8. A

    Windows 10 Google Chrome deleted with bookmarks

    Hi, I updated to windows ten today, and when everything came back up and I signed in, Google Chrome was nowhere to be found. It wasn't in my programs, and there were no folders with Chrome. I've re-downloaded Chrome, but my hundreds of bookmarks are gone! They no longer exist. My internet...
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