hard disk errors

  1. Shehroz Khan

    Unresponsive HDD Partition.

    Hi, I was trying different Android OS that I was installing in a HDD Partition (J:\). It was EXT4 Mounted Partition & lastly I came upon a Android OS (it was unofficial) & after unsuccessful attempt to install. I booted into Windows 7 & tried to format it but it was neither opening or formatting...
  2. SA Bappy

    How can i fix it?

  3. cuzzinkevin

    Blue screen on startup

    My computer using windows 7 64 (professional i think) recently auto shutdown to apply an update. While this was happening the computer accidentally was switched off. When i restarted everything seemed fine until i got past the 'starting windows' screen with the flag (straight after the bios...
  4. Repair and Fix Hard Drive and Disk Errors

    Repair and Fix Hard Drive and Disk Errors

    How to repair and fix your hard drive from within Windows. Determine if there is a problem with the hard disk in the form of file system corruption or bad sectors (disk errors). Analyze or export this data to make an assessment about the condition of your hard drive. Examins the chkdsk utility...