Unresponsive HDD Partition.

Shehroz Khan

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I was trying different Android OS that I was installing in a HDD Partition (J:\). It was EXT4 Mounted Partition & lastly I came upon a Android OS (it was unofficial) & after unsuccessful attempt to install. I booted into Windows 7 & tried to format it but it was neither opening or formatting the method I have created, mounted, formatted partitions many times & this issue never appeared but now its not accessible. Plus, I cant open Disk Management nor Third Party tools I tried formatting through Command Prompt but no luck. :(
Any help will greatly be Appreciated.



Windows Forum Team
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If it's a separate disk then it could be a issue with the disk. If it is truly a partition on the same disk and Windows then it should format without issue. Windows would just see it as unused space. If it's not accessible from Windows I would download and boot to a live Linux distro such as Ubuntu and format the partition with gparted.