1. Fenyo7

    Windows 10 Two 3pin to 4 pin jack adapter mic not working anymore.

    Hi! I have a 2 female 3 pin to 1 male 4 pin 3.5 jack adapter, with my headset and microphone plugged in. My mic is a no name 1 dollar mic. It worked until yesterday for like 2 years now. I occasionally do streams and need the mic for that. I installed OBS.Live to replace OBS Studio, it worked...
  2. Torwuuw


    I just purchased a new I buy power pc with windows 10 already installed. I downloaded discord and went to talk through the headset I just bought which is an A10 ASTRO legend of Zelda breath of the wild edition headset. The mic wasn’t working but I could hear my friend just fine. I went through...
  3. Nomad of Norad

    Windows 10 "high definition audio device not plugged in" on all mic inputs

    I am having an issue where none of the built in jacks are working for me. I have a mic plugged into the jack at the back, but I get no audio from it at all, and when I plugged another mic into the jack in the front, it got detected but I still got no indication of any sound coming in from that...
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