Windows 10 Two 3pin to 4 pin jack adapter mic not working anymore.


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I have a 2 female 3 pin to 1 male 4 pin 3.5 jack adapter, with my headset and microphone plugged in.
My mic is a no name 1 dollar mic.
It worked until yesterday for like 2 years now.
I occasionally do streams and need the mic for that. I installed OBS.Live to replace OBS Studio, it worked with the studio version, and now with Live not even my PC recognises the mic.

I tested it, both the mic and the adapter works, so it's not a hardware issue.
I had the same problem a few months back but then I solved it somehow, but I just can't find the solution for this.
Also might be important, something record some sound. It is only static, and if I sream it still doesn't matter, just static.
Please help. Thanks!