Windows 7 Headset mic not working

Al Brown

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Apr 6, 2013
Sorry if there's another thread with a fix to this. But I just bought this headset a week ago and it worked perfectly. I was gone for a week, come back and the mic on the headset isn't picking up my voice. I've tried it with skype and steam, on both programs people say that my voice is too low. When I try to boost the voice, they get nothing but static. I've only even used a headset with the two jacks on the front of my computer too.
Look into Sound Recording Devices > Mic Properties > Levels button whether your recording level is on max. But do not move the Boost to more than +10, else you get a lot of humm.
Sadly, I've already tried that. Everything I've done so far doesn't work. Should I try a system restore to the last date it worked?
If you have a restore point that far back, that is an option. But first I would make an image of the current setup so that you can also get back to that in case something gets screwed up with the system restore.

Btw: are you sure that the headset itself is not broken. Does it work on other systems.
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Yeah, the headset works fine. My computer was off for almost a week. Would that have anything to do with it?

Edit: I tested my headset on another friend's laptop and it was really low for him. Then we tested his headset and it was the same as mine.
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