Windows 10 Windows not receiving audio input from mic


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Jun 15, 2019
Hello, this is a common problem from what I've read so far. Summed up, Windows 10 detects my new headset's mic but is not receiving any audio input from it. When I speak or tap on the mic, no green bars appear in the sound menu as well as discord/windows voice recorder not detecting any input.

My rig:
Acer Predator, Windows 10 (Version 1809, build 17763.557)

My headset:
SteelSeries Arctis 5 (USB)

What I've tried so far:
I have tested my headset with my phone using a 3.5mm, and audio input/output worked normally. I also tested this with a different desktop running windows 10 and experienced the same problem.

1) Default microphone is set to Arctis 5 and enabled, all others are disabled
2) Audio enhancements are disabled
3) Volume is maxed in "levels" tab of microphone properties
3) Allow applications to take exclusive control is disabled
4) Fully updated windows
5) Reinstalled and attempted to update headset drivers (no updates)
6) Plugged in headset using every USB port
7) Ran audio troubleshooter, didn't help
8) Tried to configure mic, can't go past the part where windows asks you to speak into the mic because it doesn't detect any audio from it.
9) In Privacy, allowed all apps to access microphone
10) Downloaded steelseries' engine, program can't detect audio when trying a live mic test and it's pretty much useless for anything outside of tweaking sound settings
11) Connected headset using 3.5mm jack, both audio and microphone stopped working
12) And before anyone asks, yes I made sure the mic isn't muted by the headset itself

I have also looked for brand-specific drivers from steelseries but can't find any. I've tried everything I can think of and everything I've read online. Any help is appreciated, and if anyone wants additional information or screenshots just let me know.
It seems that you have tried pretty much everything that could fix the problem.
I suppose the driver is not good (buggy).
That can only be fixed by either removing the bugs or by making a new driver (programming stuff).
The other solution is to buy another headset.
How old is this headset? I had a similar issue with an ancient version of the HUE webcam that I'd bought back when Windows 7 was still in beta, and the audio drivers for it won't work in Win10, but the camera does. That one it looks like the only solution is to buy a much more recent version of the particular webcam.
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