1. P

    Windows 10 "Permission" problems, can't share files on some network computers

    I've got home/office network of 7 computers (all on Win 10). Each computer has files in the public documents that needs to be accessed, with full control, by the other computers. Most all the computers communicate fine with one another, but I've got one computer (TOM) that can only read the...
  2. Paulash

    Windows 10 Mixed Windows Environment Workgroup Issues

    I work at a small non-profit that is running about 30 computers that range from Windows 7 to Windows 8. We are connected through a multitude of routers as the connections were established piece by piece. We are trying to set up a Workgroup or anything we can do to try and set up a simple...
  3. J

    Windows 8 How do you stop sharing WiFi network?

    Hi there, I'm trying to add my work WiFi network to my user account on my laptop, but I don't want my kids to have access to it on their user accounts. How do I add a WiFi network to Windows 8 so that it is only accessible from one user?
  4. Brad Younie

    Windows 10 Sharing hard drive only works when logged in as admin

    This happened in Windows 7, as well. I have an external hard drive connected to my desktop computer that I want to share with all my devices (2 laptops, plus Android devices). I did the following steps to share it: 1. In File Explorer, I right-clicked on the drive and picked Share...
  5. Fangz

    Windows 10 File sharing 10 to 7

    The first three days of Win10 were good, then an update and a reboot and windows 7 can no longer access shared files on the Win10 machine. Files that were shared somehow magically come up as shared even though they have not been shared this time or may NOT even be mounted. Not that it matters...