1. syskuznet

    Windows 10 Windows refusing to change time

  2. I

    Windows 10 Answer File to Automate Startup of New Computer

    I am looking for some help/advice in creating an answer file to automate the first time boot of a Windows 10 computer. I prepare many of these computers for customers and would like to automate the process. How do I make an answer file to accomplish this?
  3. houssg

    Windows 7 How to know which program is changing my system time.

    Hi, On my machine, the time is changing always, I don't know why. (if its 3:15 it gets to 3:19), and every time I set it back to right time it change again by an amount of 4 mins. Is there a way to fix this ? thank you.
  4. LegoManIAm94

    Windows 8 Launch Multiple Applications On Windows Startup Without Slowing Your PC Down

    WARNING: THIS IS IN BETA AND MAY NOT ACTUALLY ALLOW YOU TO LAUNCH MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS WITHOUT PERFORMACE ISSUES. I know if you have too many startup programs your PC will get slow and when you log in to your Windows account it will take awhile for things to get running since your computer is...
  5. B

    Windows 7 Time resetting and internet disconnecting every few hours

    Hi! Ive been struggling with these problems for a really logn while. So the first problem is that my my windows' time resets every hour or so. The clock keeps looping a hour or two after i manually update it from the time server. I have tried other time servers than the windows' time server...
  6. N

    Windows 7 Computer shows shutdown with update option every time

    Hello, I have found a very unique problem that no one else seems to have. Whenever Windows Update starts up, the update shield icon next to the shutdown button on the start menu suddenly appears, indicating that I have to shutdown to install updates, even when there are no updates to install...
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